My Horses

"... through his mane and tail the high wind sings, Fanning the hairs, who wave like feather'd wings."

William Shakespeare


Back when I was finishing my last year in highschool, I used to visit a nearby horse farm during my lunch breaks. I eventually took my first riding lessons there on one particular quarter horse mare named Patience. I was riding for about a year when the owner approached me and told me that she had to sell the mare since her children were not interested in riding any more. By this point I had finished school and was working. I decided it was time to buy my first horse and that horse would be Pai.

I had the pleasure of owning and riding Pai for 2 years. It was around that time that I decided it was necessary to further my education and go to college.

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Pai01 Pai01 Pai01 Pai01 Pai01


After graduating, I ended up working for the college on temporary projects. I was living on a friend's farm and had the opportunity to purchase one of the new foals. A permanent position looked promising at the college so I decided to go ahead and purchase my friend's Arabian mare's foal. One week later Tari was born.

I worked with Tari for 8 months and had a wonderful time. My position at the college ended and I had to look for new work. A postiion became available at my present company but it meant moving to the city. Needless to say I had to part with another wonderful friend.

Tari was born on July 28, 1988 at 8:15 PM. Click on an icon to view a larger picture

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Tari01 Tari02 Tari03 Tari04 Tari05 Tari06 Tari07 Tari08 Tari09 Tari10 Tari11 Tari12

My Horse Paintings

I have been painting horses since 1981 and sold most of my work while I was going through school.

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horse painting 01 horse painting 02 horse painting 03 horse painting 04 horse painting 05 horse painting 06 horse painting 07 horse painting 08 horse painting 09 horse painting 10 horse painting 11 horse painting 12 horse painting 13 horse painting 14 horse painting 15 horse painting 16 horse painting 17

Other Horse Related Art

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life size horse sculpture One of my school projects involved building a paper-meche sculpture. I decided I wanted to build a life-size horse. I built a wooden frame and constructed the main body out of chicken wire. The final covering was plaster bandage and dental plaster carved and sculpted to the final form of a large foal. Charlie-Horse (as I called him) was later sold to a local tack shop for display.

life size horse sculpture Another school project we had to do was to construct a 3D painting. This involved adding 3D objects to the painting like wool, bits of material and stuff. Once again I decided I wanted to go one step further and have my painting move. I constructed the picture so that when you plugged it in, the horse would lower his head into a feed bin and when he raised his head, his tail would flick. The painting also had a recessed window that lit up